Turner Hog-Roast



So... we finally managed to pull it off! After two or three years of threatening to meet up together, we spent a weekend on the Shropshire Union Canal near High Offley, Staffordshire. Really good fun... let's do it again sometime soon.


In the meantime, here are some of the photos from the weekend...


The Barge!


A Rather Serious Looking Simon


Callum and Jack (Griffiths) Planning Mischief


Simon Lightens Up A Little






Sally Doing Her Barge Tea-Cup Impression


Underneath The Bridge


The Group (minus Julie T) at the Wharf Tavern Cheswardine


Julie C at the Wharf Tavern


Perhaps The Most Camera-Shy Of The Group... Nicole


Simon & Sophie


The Wheatsheaf, Onnerley


The Wheatsheaf, Onnerley


The Wheatsheaf Kids


The Wheatsheaf, Onnerley (Check-out Jack's Face!!)




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